Felt is a non-woven fabric that has been around for at least 6,000 years. It is most easily made from sheep fleece, though the possibilities using other fibers are endless. I begin with washed, dyed and carded (fluffed) wool. I arrange the fibers in layers in the desired shape, placing each layer of fiber in a different direction. This makes the fabric stronger. These layered fibers are then worked with moisture, heat and soap and repeated pressure until the wool begins to "felt" or harden. The individual fibers begin to hold together or "knot." The felt is then worked further to become the final shape.

Because felt is an ancient craft that is still around today, there are numerous choices available for each stage of creation: the carding, felting and fulling. The process chosen to create flat or three dimensional shapes can be one of many different traditional techniques, or a combination of techiniques.

Hat Number 1

Hat Number 2

Hat Number 3

Hat Number 4

With a background in clothing and costume design and construction, I became fascinated with not only the range of possibilities offered by felt, but also the ability to create the actual fabric for a given piece. Hats are my primary focus at this point, but I am eagerly experimenting in designing single piece (no sewing) vests and jackets.

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