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Being There

Fly Fishing Guide in Patagonia

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Fishing Season

Patagonia River

      Mid-November until mid-April (late spring, summer,and early fall in Argentina.) Opening and closing dates vary somewhat each year.


      Early and late season usually chilly mornings and evenings but pleasant at mid-day. Mid-season generally cool mornings and evenings and warm to hot mid-day. In a typical year little or no rain falls during the fishing season.


      The Patagonia area will remind you of eastern Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, but those areas will be covered with snow while you fish during Patagonia's beautiful summer months.

Patagonia River

      You will fish streams that are as unspoiled today as they were when the area was being settled at the turn of the century. Our fishing area is dominated by large cattle, sheep and horse ranches. There is no industry, nothing to contaminate the air or the water. And there are no irrigation systems to carry fertilizers, insecticides, and other residues into the water.

      All this in a Big Sky setting close in against the leeward side of the Andes. The experience may spoil you for any other fishing area.

      You will cast to rainbows and browns whose ancestors were brought to Argentina almost a hundred years ago. Our rainbows are the oldest and purest strain of McCloud River (California) rainbows in the world; they will rip off backing like no trout you have handled. If you fish Tierra del Fuego's Rio Grande, you will fish for sea run browns that are larger now than when Joe Brooks first fished for them in the late 50's. We also have landlocked salmon and some of the largest brook trout in any water anywhere. And now we have well established runs of heavy Pacific salmon.

Where You'll Fish

Patagonia River       We make our home base in Junin de los Andes, a village of about 7000 people a thousand air miles south by southwest of Buenos Aires. Elevations in the fishing area vary between 2500 and 3000 feet above sea level. This area is unique in that a large number of high Andean lakes and the streams that rise from them are arranged in an interconnected system that provides many miles of excellent fishing in a number of different streams. You won't find a similar system anywhere else in Patagonia and probably not in the world. Within one minute to one hour's drive from Junin there's plenty of trout-filled fly fishing water to keep you occupied during any length of stay.

The Fishing You Can Expect

      Most of our fishermen, beginners included, catch fish form one to three pounds with a goodly number to five, six or more pounds. There are much larger resident fish in some of our streams, some of them more than 20 pounds. These larger fish are rarely beached, but we do bring to hand a number of fish of 10 and more pounds. Fishing takes on a new dimension when each cast may cover a trophy fish.

Patagonia River

      All the streams we fish are wadable. On our raft trips some fisherman prefer to fish from the raft, but we provide plenty of wading time during these trips.

      Trout are taken on a variety of flies ranging from small dry and wet flies and nymphs through streamers and woolybuggers and other large flies. Those who like to fish small flies will do very well in our streams. Many a 23 inch Rainbow has been taken on an 18 Adams.

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