VTweb.com Website Marketing, Hosting, Design and Database programming


Website Hosting
  • $30/month for most sites and $50/month for heavy traffic sites (between 6 and 200 MB/day)
  • There is a one-time setup fee of $50

  • Customized activity logs - No Charge
  • Virtual email - No charge
  • Multiple POP email accounts - No charge
  • Toll free support - No charge
  • Use of VTweb's Secure Server Certificate - No charge
Additional Hosting Services
Secure Server - specific for your domain:
$75 (one-time set-up fee)

Copies of web inquiries faxed: $5/month

Secure Form Hosting
For non-VTweb hosting clients: $50/yr

WordPress Blogs: $50 (one-time set-up fee)

Website Design & Maintenance
  • Website design & maintenance & blog customization: $65/hour
  • Programming $95/hour includes the following: CGI scripts, ASP (Active Server Pages), Database, PHP, MySQL, SQL and JAVA
  • Estimates upon request.

Co-locating Your Server
Client provides appropriate UPS
  • Setup: $100
  • Monthly maintenance: $50
        (covers backup rotation, reboots, etc.)
  • Bandwidth:
    • First Fraq: $100/month
    • Additional Fraqs: $75/month
Wordpress Blogs
VTweb hosted:
  • Installation with default template, and blog.yourdomainname.com configured: $50
  • Adjustment of templates to be similar to your main site (colors and certain graphics): $200
  • Custom template creation to closely resemble your website: Call for estimate.
Hosted on wordpress.com or other site:
  • Adjustment of templates to coordinate with your website (colors and certain graphics) $450